Ceiling Features

Our stunning ceiling features

Once a mostly ignored part of interior design, ceilings are now an integral part of the aesthetics and performance of both  homes and offices, housing lighting and incorporating various style and safety features. 

The Recessed Ceiling

A recessed ceiling is a ceiling insert above your main ceiling level, arguably the opposite of floating ceilings.  Excellent for a more spacious feeling without compromising the existing ceiling level. Can be implemented with various shapes.

The Bulkhead Ceiling

A bulkhead is generally a box dropping down from the original ceiling height. Many applications, designs and shapes to choose from. Can be installed to include light trough.Excellent for hiding obtrusive objects.

The Floating Ceiling

A floating ceiling is a secondary ceiling box attached to the main ceiling slab. Floating ceilings are open to multiple shapes an curves. Floating effect enhanced by installing a light trough.